Building Business: Branding With Promotional Products

Businesses work hard for a base of regular customers. But businesses are also constantly on the lookout to expand that group of loyal customers. But instead of spending loads of time and money going out to find potential customers, wouldn’t it be easier to have them come to you? Impossible, you say? Not quite.


Consider your current regular patrons. Every single one in that group (whether you only have one regular customer or thousands) had to be converted at some point in time. They may have been converted as long ago as your grand opening celebration or, they may have only made your place of business a regular stop for them in the last month.

Regardless of when it was, there was some point in their minds where regularly turning to your business made their lives better in some way, enough to change whatever habits that had previously been established. As you look to promote your business and possibly consider advertising in Florida, the first question should naturally be, what should your advertising message be?

Knowing that you have access to your regular client base, the best way to answer that advertising question is by asking previous converts why they converted? What was it that convinced them your business was the best of the best?

Advertising in Florida

But back to our original question: Wouldn’t it be easier to have new customers come to you instead of having to go out and find them (or pay someone else to find them)? Any top advertising agency you could work with would tell you that one of the most powerful advertisements is an endorsement from a current, regular customer.

Now the question becomes how to do you get current customers to spread the word? One of the first steps is to make ensure that they are happy, very happy. They are exchanging their money for your goods.

The key is usually service, particularly service with a smile. A happy customer equals free, positive advertising in Florida. Also, take the time and money to thank them for their loyalty in some way. It may feel like you are giving away money that you could be spending on advertising in Florida.

Learn to see that spending money on your current customers will most likely net more reoccurring customers in the future; think of it as an investment in the health and longevity of your business.

Promotional Products

So instead of spending a lot of money on a top advertising agency, a better idea may be to take that money and instead spend it on some branding previously mentioned.

Sending your regular customers home happy and with a tangible reminder of your business will, in the long-run, send out your promotional products all throughout the state. In the end you have the same result: advertising in Florida and developing your company branding!

Customers talk, and you want to give your regular customers a reminder to be talking about your business and to talking about it positively. Potential customers are much more likely to listen to and believe the words of their friends and family, not a billboard or some other advertising method (not that those methods don’t have their useful place, of course).

Getting into the homes and lives of people, coming from a trusted source is something a top advertising agency could never come close to achieving, and certainly not a comparable budget.

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